• ​​Aikyatan Development Society (ADS) - has been working in the district of Burdwan  focusing on community health and sanitation and other developmental issues including livelihood.
  • ​​Bandhan was set up to address the dual objective of poverty and women empowerment. Aspiring holistic development of the poor it offers development activities in the field of health, education & livelihood opportunities.
  • Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) - Spread across diverse ecological and social geographies, FES works towards conservation of nature and natural resources through collective action of local communities.
  • Grameen Foundation (GF), US - Grameen Foundation, founded as Grameen Foundation USA, is a global 501 non-profit organization based in Washington DC that works to help poor families increase their income, build their financial security, and protect their health using innovative, technology-based approaches and local partner networks
  • ​Healthy World Foundation (HWF) - the Healthy World Foundation seeks to advance the development of interventions that help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world lead healthier lives. The Foundation follows a model of public health entrepreneurship, investing in approaches with funding and technical assistance that will create significant impact for those most in need.
  • ​​PRADAN ( Professional Assistance for development Action) - is a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that focuses on grassroots development with disadvantaged communities, specifically women.
  • TRIF (Transforming Rural India Foundation) -  works to bring equal opportunities to India’s poorest, supporting them in their journey to prosperity, dignity and a better life.
  • VAAGDHARA - is non-government organization working for Child Rights, Sustainable Livelihoods and Facilitating the poor to voice their issues and concerns.


  • Bandhan
  • Gram-uthan is working primarily in Kendrapara and Seven other adjoining districts in the state of Orissa. They are involved in various activities concentrated on their Health & Sanitation, Education and livelihood related issues.
  • Nidan endeavour is to facilitate empowerment of the poor and marginalized sections through appropriate community based and pro-poor participative interventions. They work with women, youth & children focussing on health, financial inclusion, education & livelihood.
  • Reach India empowers women and girls to make positive changes in their lives, families, and communities. Reach India provides training on   health, livelihoods and family finance to women and adolescent girls as part of their regular group meetings.
  • WBVHA aims to make health available, accessible, and affordable to poor and marginalized sections of the society, to help them attain optimal status in health.
  • Peoples’ Multipurpose Development Society (PMD Society) is an NGO promoting Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu state. PMD is committed to educate, organize, train and promote rural poor agriculturalist and women for effective participation and  sustainability towards socio- economic development and empowerment. PMD has promoted nearly 4000 SHGs and has been providing them health education since 2006-07 using Freedom From Hunger education modules, under the technical guidance from Microcredit Summit Campaign. Health topics covered by PMD Society include Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS, Integrated Management of Childhood Illenesses, Reproductive Health and Healthy Habits. PMD has covered nearly 48000 SHG members with one or the other health  education topics. PMD facilitates NABFINS finance to the SHGs promoted by them. 
  • Pioneer Trad (PT) is an NGO, promoting SHGs in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu. PT has promoted nearly 600 SHGs and has been providing them health education since 2006-07 using Freedom From Hunger education modules, under the technical guidance from Microcredit Summit Campaign. Health topics covered by PMD Society include  Integrated Management of Childhood Illenesses, Reproductive Health, Planning for better health  and Healthy Habits. PT  has covered nearly 11000 SHG members with one or the other health education topics. PT facilitates NABFINS finance to the SHGs promoted by them
  • ESAF is one of the premier microfinance institutions in India, with head quarters in Kerala and operations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. ESAF has 7 lac active borrowers under its 160 dedicated branches. it  provides  a broad package of financial and business development services to the socially and economically challenged rural women. ESAF  has piloted the Health Indicators being promoted by FfH. Finding the results interesting ESAF  is now keen to monitor the health indicators from all its clients
  • Equitas is a highly professional and sustainable MFI, with headquarters in Chennai and operations in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh. Equitas has more than 2 million active borrowers. Equitas believes in improving the  quality of life of their client families by increasing their total household asset base. Equitas spends 5% of its profits for the welfare of their client families and provides many non-financial services including health, food security, education, job placement etc. In health Equitas provides health education, discounted services to client families in 750 private hospitals and  telemedicine. Equitas also rehabilitates the homeless and the hard core poor. Equitas has piloted the Health Indicators being promoted by FfH. Finding the results interesting Equitas is now keen to monitor the health indicators from all its clients.
  • SKDRDP is the biggest NGO MFI in the country with more than 3 million active borrowers. SKDRDP borrows from the commercial banks and lends to its clients at a rate which is lowest  among the MFIs in the country. Yet, its microfinance operations are sustainable. SKDRP actively promotes WASH investment. Partnering with MCS, SKDRDP has provided health education to more than one hundred rural women on topics ranging from women’s health to child hood illnesses and healthy habits. SKDRDP products include health insurance  for its client families. This is perhaps the biggest health insurance scheme operated by any MFI in the country
  • Grama-Vidiyal Microfinance Limited, a Non-banking Finance Company (NBFC), is one of the largest microfinance institutions in the country, with nearly one million active borrowers. GV is headquartered in Trichy of Tamil Nadu state. It is known for its double-bottom-line approach focusing on the sustainability of financial inclusion programs and the development of women and their families. GV is partnering with MCS in providing WASH education to its clients.​
  • Aikyatan  Development Society
  • Mahila Arthik Vikas Nigam (MAVIM) is a Maharashtra Government sponsored project for promoting SHG in all the districts of the State. MAVIM has promoted more than 5000 SHGs in the state and is actively working for promoting livelihoods for their members. Since the last one year, partnering with MCS, MAVIM is piloting the Healthy Habits(Prevention of NCDs, such as, hypertension, diabetes and cancer) education module of FfH, covering about 5000 SHG members in Nanded district. The education is followed by organising camps for screening the SHG members for the various NCDs.

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