Catalogue of MAHP Resources developed by Freedom From Hunger India Trust: 

Research Brief on Improving Child and Maternal Health in India

MAHP Programme Brief, India 

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Our Education Modules and Learning Guides offer specialised education on diverse issues such as health, nutrition, business and money management. 

These modules remain relevant, easy to understand and carry a deep focus on establishing behavioural change.


Rajasthan Nutrition Project 

The Rajasthan Nutrition Project aims to build on existing women SHGs to supplement standard savings and livelihoods activities with key nutrition-related interventions to reach atleast 8,000 women SHG members and their households across two districts in Rajasthan. This project shall position women as agents of change and as focal points for coordination and integration across sectoral programming (agriculture, health, finance, sanitation and women's empowerment).

Microfinance And Health Protection (MAHP) 

The Microfinance and Health Protection (MAHP) initiative was launched by Freedom from Hunger in 2006 as a 4.5-year pilot project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to help five MFIs in five countries develop and offer a range of health-protection services to improve the health and financial stability of their clients while also contributing to the sustainability of the institutions themselves.

Freedom From hunger india trust

About Us

Freedom from Hunger India Trust, a registered Indian public charitable Trust, is established to carry forward and navigate the India Programme of Freedom from Hunger. 
Our objective is to achieve nutrition & food security, reduce poverty and improve economic and social status of poor and marginalized women and their families through increased integration of micro finance with other essential services such as health, information and livelihood opportunities.
We partner with a range of local financial service providers and non-governmental organizations and seek ways to leverage our integrated services and behavior change communication interventions in the area of health and other sectors which has a relation to health such as livelihood and gender.

The Trust is under the direction of founding Trustees with vast experience and connection with India’s social service sector, and draws it's inspiration from the vision and mission of the parent organization.

Freedom from Hunger is an international development organization in the United States since 1989 and has played a pivotal role in designing and disseminating of community-based integrated services and behavior-change communication interventions for vulnerable families in ways that are truly sustainable.

Freedom from Hunger has trained and supported 181 partner organizations in 23 countries who collectively are reaching over 5.7 million women globally.

Our Vision:
Freedom from Hunger India Trust envisions to achieve food security, reduce poverty and improve nutrition for poor women and their families in India. The Trust aims to improve the economic and social status of 3.3 million poor and marginalized women through increased integration of microfinance with other development services, specifically health and livelihoods.


Discover how Nandini, a beneficiary from our GramUthan Project in Odisha, gained access to finance and was able to meet her healthcare requirements along with acting as a source of inspiration for every women in her district.